Meuli Sils, a safe roof for your home.

We stand for longevity, aesthetics and neat workmanship.
We only use the best materials: 100% is guaranteed by Meuli Sils.

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established


Tinsmithing and roofing

The job

Love for tradition and technical skills are the prerequisites for a good result.

This is why we try not only to satisfy our customers, but above all to inspire them with aesthetically pleasing and precise processing. Metal roofing lasts much longer than any other roofing material. It also guarantees maximum protection in the worst weather conditions, even at the highest altitudes and in the remotest mountain areas.

Roof renovation

Meuli Sils specialized in roof renovations years ago.

We are expert about relevant aspects including roof energy efficiency, long-term problem solving and arranging with authorities and subcontractors.

We also deem it important to install systems that guarantee the best price/performance ratio.


The roof is one of the most stressed parts of the building. Due to the fact that it is not fully visible, it is quite often mistakenly overlooked in terms of maintenance and care.

Check the roof of your home regularly!


We offer the following services:

  • Pitched roof
  • Terrace roof
  • Lightning protection
  • “Velux” skylights
  • “Triflex” liquid plastic
  • “Prefa”
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