What we do

Meuli Sils stands for experience, expertise and passion.

Our core competencies include tinsmithing, roofing and metal construction. We have acquired many other skills over the years.

Come and visit us! We will guide you through our company so that you can check out personally the endless possibilities we can offer you.

We create customized projects for you by transforming any type of  material: from wood to stone and metal.


Not only do we cover everything, we also create decorative and useful objects. We will give shape to anything that comes out of your mind.

Water leak detection

Solving water problems is one of Meuli Sils’s core competences. We take an all-round approach and analyze the problems very carefully to ensure that your roof remains healthy over time. In the event of damage, we can also draw up an inventory or an appraisal.

Product development prototypes

Meuli Sils boasts decades of experience in handling various types of materials and tech-niques and follows the development of a product from design to final implementation


Since the inception of Meuli Schlosserei und Metallbau AG, iron processing has been an im-portant part of production.

Forged parts are timeless, long-lasting and can tell your story over the years.

Sale of Fexer stone slabs

The most beautiful stone slab in the world comes gray from the quarry, matures on the roof and obtains a wonderful play of colors.

Stone slabs are suitable for roofs, indoor floors and also outside as partitions for flower beds. Meuli Sils always has the availability to sell beautiful Fexer stone slabs.

If you are interested, please contact us, we can show you our products


With our Manitou MRT 2540 telehandler we can offer you various services. Our driver Mas-simo can take care of everything quickly, flexibly and precisely: from normal work with the crane to glass assembly with millimeter precision up to moving with the lifting platform.


Car service

Our mechanic Marco can repair your car very skillfully. He also handles any mean: from cordless screwdrivers to Manitou telehandlers.

Make an appointment, he will take care of your needs.

Phone: +41 79 229 15 63


Since Meuli Sils handles a wide variety of materials, we can also repair anything. Come here with your damaged items, we will repair them for you.

Lightning protection

Despite 9 months of winter and 3 months when the weather is not hot, there are still thun-derstorms in the Engadin! With a lightning protection system you can effectively protect yourself.

Antique locks

We are able to get old locks working again and restore or replicate the original mechanism for each of them.

Sale of materials

All materials processed at Meuli Sils are available for sale. If you are interested, please con-tact our office, we will be glad to help you.

Snow removal from the roof

If snow falls from the home roof, the owner is responsible for any damage. Meuli Sils elimi-nates danger and protects your home. Don't wait for something to happen, have the snow guards removed. If necessary, entrances and paths can be shoveled out or shaped again.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a thermal cutting process for metals. Steel plates up to a thickness of 30mm can be neatly cut and CNC controlled. We can cut and make a wide range of products: from fondue sets to advertising signs.

Commercial products

Meuli Sils manufactures various products dedicated to retailers. We can produce snow guards for roofs, supports for snow grates, snow poles and various other products.

Technical drawings

Silvano Meuli has a great talent in creating technical and perspective drawings. He can give shape to your wishes using a combination of hand and computerized drawings.

Simple castings

Meuli Sils can produce simple castings of tin, bronze or aluminum. A negative mold is made with casting sand, which is then filled with metal.

Sharpening and tempering of ice axes

Meuli Sils sharpens and tempers ice axes to perfection for long-lasting sharpness.


With the DJI Phantom 4 drone you can record images and film sequences (4K recording quality) from otherwise impossible angles. Thanks to the Agisoft Photscan computer pro-gram, you can calculate 3D models from photographs, which can also be used to calculate areas and volumes.

Souvenir creation

We manufacture various souvenir items, including personalized fondue sets, sponge and towel holders and much more ...

Snow clearing

With Kramer all-wheel drive we can remove snow and, in persistent cases, even ice.

Waterproofing with Triflex liquid plastic

We carry out special waterproofing, including complete waterproofing of balconies and flat roofs. Meuli Sils has been using Triflex products - leader in quality and variety - for over 15 years.



Do you want to replace your existing skylight? Or transform your attic into a living space? Meuli Sils boasts many years of experience with Velux products and has specialized in instal-lation in the Alpine area. We will be glad to advise you and find the best solution for you.


PREFA roof

Thanks to the low weight of PREFA aluminum products, any renovation of facades and roofs is a piece of cake for us. Let be inspired by the wide range of products by Prefa.ch

Gilding with sheets of gold

Meuli Sils can also coat small objects with gold or other metal sheets. For example, a thick-ness of 1 / 3'000 mm is applied by using gold leaves as a coating, A special oil is then used to create a permanent linkage between the object and the coating.

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