Meuli Sils, natural stone roof

Meuli Sils stone roofs are not only weatherproof, but also timeless, safe and aesthetically beautiful. The expertise handed down for three generations allows us to offer the best solution to give you a solid and safe natural stone roof.

Build as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Martin Luther

Natural stone roof

The job

Working with stone requires great skill and precision, along with true love for manual work.
According to tradition, people of the Upper Engadin used to install Fexer panels on the roofs of their homes. The incandescent slate of the Fex valley has been no longer mined since the 1960s, and many roofs are now covered with Malenco tiles.
The serpentine of Valmalenco is very suitable as roof covering and is characterized by great resistance over time.
Moreover,  other stone slabs, including Soglio quartzite, can be supplied and laid by Meuli Sils.

Tradition and monument preservation

Meuli Sils has played a decisive role in the roof trade in the Upper Engadin over the past 70 years.
In the past, people used local or nearby building materials and had to be very careful about available resources. Transportation was more difficult and materials more expensive than today.
These factors have strongly influenced the look of Upper Engadin roofs. In the case of historic buildings, in particular, a balance must be struck between beauty, monument preservation, craftsmanship and modern needs.

In countless examples, Meuli Sils has proved that it is possible to satisfy different requirements under one roof without having to compromise on quality.

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.

Gustav Mahler
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