Our philosophy

Meuli Sils has been working for over 50 years to preserve the beauty and traditions of Engadin buildings, from Castasegna to Zuoz.

The passion for our job, along with respect for traditions and love for our territory have led us to specialize in stone and metal processing, in order to offer efficient and tailor-made solutions for every need.

Our way of processing aims at aesthetics and efficiency, with an important focus on the energy saving of your building.

This is where unique and tailored-made creations are born, specifically for our customers.

Let us shape your ideas.

What is tradition?
It's the progress that was made yesterday,
like the progress we must make today
it will be the tradition of tomorrow.


Our values

We are proud to be part of Meuli Sils and represent our company externally.
We stand up for our quality, prove our entrepreneurial spirit and assume our responsibilities.
We are aware that we have duties and responsibilities towards our customers.
We are ready to help others because there may come a day when we need to be helped, too.
We are only satisfied if our team is successful as a whole.
Therefore, everyone supports others.

There is only one type of bad and useless mistake, the one from which you learn nothing.

10 Commandments

  1. Safety has top priority. We strictly apply the safety rules.

  2. Each employee shows up in clean, neat-looking work clothes. This is how the others see us.

  3. Constructive criticism knows no hierarchy and should therefore be applied and acknowledged by everyone. Gentle criticism helps you get the best results.

  4. Honesty and open-mindedness are Meuli Sils’s distinctive features.

  5. We treat the company’s material, tools, equipment and vehicles with the utmost care.

  6. Damages are repaired or reported to superiors so that they can be repaired.

  7. Keeping the workplace and the construction site tidy is part of Meuli Sils’s philosophy. We use downtime properly and usefully to keep things tidy.

  8. Any material can be purchased upon request.

  9. The lunch break shall be maintained.

  10. The workshop is available to all employees outside working hours.

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